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Well, as a lot of you all know the so called owner of the WWWA turned out to be a scammer and a fraud. Powers and his friends had to find it out the hard way; which left a bad taste in their mouths. Powers no longer has any contact with the owner nor does he care what happens to him. Scott can just chalk this up as another life lesson he can write about in his book.
Scott did take a leave of absence from wrestling for a while to get his family affairs in order.  But he is now back in action, he made his debut appearance at the Benefit for Vance Desmond on April 21, 2006. Where the old feud between himself and the Wanderer picked back up where it had left off so many months ago. Needless to say, Powers pinned the Wanderer in the middle of the ring to win the match.
Scott has been in talks with the owner of NWA Tristate, about being a permanent member of his roster. But, there has been no decisions made as of yet. Scott has had talks with a lot of other promoters, but won't divulge any information at this time.

WWWA U.S.Champion---Scott Powers
Enter Powers as the WWWA U.S. Champion.

scott powers
Scott's picture that got him in the Top 50 Independent Musclemen


Since Scott's abscense from wrestling he has went up and down in the rankings. So to keep Scott Powers at the top you can check out and click on the best built indys. And vote for Scott Powers.

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